BcWebCam 2.1 Windows XP/7/8 Installer free download

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BcWebCam 2.1

BcWebCam 2.1 Windows XP/7/8 Installer free download


BcWebCam 2.1

BcWebCam a simple application that uses your webcam to scan barcodes.

If you have a webcam for your PC or laptop, you can turn your computer into a barcode scanner. This is particularly handy if you want to join the number of articles you want.One thing to note that you need a webcam decent pretty can focus near the stone.

Immediately asYou bcWebCam the installation, start and you are greeted with a short tutorial. BcWebCam should be able to recognize your webcam immediately. If it is not displayed,Make sure the drivers are installed correctly.

The interface is dominated by the main bcWebCam videofilter live. While bcWebCam can not do much but extracts of barcode, it can sit in the backgroundscanAnd extract barcode number into the text field. For example, if you want to scan products, bcWebCam to run in the background while the cursor, select the search box. FrominsertedDirectly the barcode field to search.

Overall, bcWebCam feel like solution to barcode data into a text field. We want it to be how to find the informationinsteadTo force the barcode, users can navigate themselves.


New: allow only one example of bcWebCam

Fixed: Crash when the webcam is used by other applications

Fixed: detection of the two barcodesconfusedBcWebCam photo oil well

New areas to support FAQ

NewFunctions: WebCam Options Dialog, resulting in the clipboard, the Lao Sin oriented photo

Model for the PRO1 and PRO2 features integrated

QR code combination

The English firstOlder versions available only with user interface German

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