RimWorld v0 14 installer download

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RimWorld v0 14

RimWorld v0 14 installer download


RimWorld v0 14

— Russian

— Angielski

Summary Change:

the stage

The new system allows you to select a game stage at random, and only to specific situations. Determine the reference point, the type of community (tribe, colony), in constant conditions of cards, ranging from objects, animals, health conditions and properties, and change the special regulations.

Several embedded scenarios, including one that matches the classic experience RimWorld are included.

możnanowealeatoria scenarios.

createscenarios with a special interface to customize the creation of each stage allows.

Scenarios can be sent to the Steam Workshop or understanding with one click.

ScenPart: permanent release of all cards circumstances (Eclipse, expanding solar, etc.).

ScenPart Killer Scenario part of the planet: the world is destroyed by date X.

The climate cycle, which makes the world warmer and colder over the years: ScenPart. Winter is coming.

ScenPart: Voltas design typebuilding.

ScenPart: pawn start health.

ScenPart: Start objects.

ScenPart shop is full of items.

ScenPart: Setting method of arrival (pods or standing)

ScenPart: the pieces are all in the age of X and Y

ScenPart: pawn explode after death (type configurable radius)

ScenPart: All objects from the source (game starts / all) has the function X

ScenPart from animal (s)

ScenPart Mining Raises

ScenPart Raises hunting

ScenPart Permitirdomar

ScenPartArise grow

ScenPart: Turn off the incident

ScenPart: Multiplier to play inthe State (movement speed, speed mining, etc.)

ScenPart skyscraper

Pawn overlay

Pedestrians may not happen during combat (unless they are very small). No piles of animal death! It also creates new tactics around the block, around the handles or back of the line. We had to write some AF and lock the code to perform this function.


You order RaidersTeraztheft, when they see sufficient value. They pack their things and run.

Raiders kidnapping cooperate now very beterontvoeren. Instead, all in real time while some others hijack your coverage.

The lead AI algorithm is better than making clothes to withstand low temperatures. If there is no way to have a team of pedestrians Persistent not reach everyone. Never arrive next attacks and Keeling about 60C in time.

Predatorsjuż not hunt mice and tree boom Lopes.

peónsEles be smarteron how to avoid pitfalls in different situations.

new things

Full support for Steam Workshop mods.

Now you can play as stamin some cases.

Adding torch lamps

pemmican added to low-tech food preservation.

Studies difficulty is related to the level of your fraction technology. The study on the technical level is difficult. So if you’re a tribe, będzietrudne exploring space.

Added trial (only strains needed): folded clothes, electricity

engadidotrial(Required for each non-tribal) pemmican

Research added: air conditioning, car doors, towers

Adding rescue incident. You can shoot a uwmensen kidnapped.

Adding killed my social thought X, so that the people your relatives hate killers «

A new class of small intervals psychological mood that can occur under 40%.

Dodanełagodna mental break: the binge eating.

ground fertility is now reported in the mouseover.

engadidobomba humidity turnedSlowly wet earth on dry land. power required.

Hives now appears pods flare — light source brightness error for 20 days (since they are installed), and you can install it again or sold.

shooter added: breathing scary, nagging voice. They are a means of social.

additional feature: pyromaniac. Fire would start sprees by stress, and nigdywięcej extinguish the fire.

Adding to Panther forest biome. Because I discovered Panthers sonverdade not and I have to deal with it somehow.

Itorange glow, to help identify a very high temperature.

Added / replaced animals made by Prime Kay Fedewa # 93 ;:





Arctic fox


red fox





Megatherium (giant prehistoric sloth)





Arctic wolf

Timber Wolf


Dodanewiersz settlers icons along the top of the screen, with different information, the condition. They can click to select,double-click to select multiple choice or box. These icons can be disconnected.

Trading interface can now enter the number you want to work instead of dragging the song.

Animal transfer has a sex life now and column information

guide animal now has a box column once laughed easily make the sacrifice of many zwierzątmożna

guide animals now checkbox columns for each train to allow easy formation of a number of animals

changedmenu access to large lists better, more readable, more solid and better control options.

solutions work

Traders visiting Raiders, kidnappers, animals, etc. will now be executed when surrounded by walls sac.

Manhunters and insects attack the port as settlers try to go up and down during zeschoten off.

Urticaria musząobecnie care by insects, so if mistakes are immediately killed by the walls of the castle, armariosmorrer.

You can not «effect of humorof executed prisoners or simply pull starve to avoid pedestrians bondage to the prisoner died of an innocent mind. A similar solution is applied to the death of the colon.

Resolved power leveling various exploits. When the settlers learned a certain amount (high) per day, naucząw greatly reduced price until the next day.

flowers are not properly feed (reduced power).

Fixed an exploit where players could prisioneirosecuestro invaders, thievesleave without a fight. The solution: Raiders abduct settlers only.


Updating Unity 5.

generation world is now part of the new way of playing, and not separately.

Roofs must now be destroyed by settlers and hand built; Not appear immediately and znikająjuż.

Rework AI algorithm food choices to reflect your mood personnel, and other factors rotting new. Now really looking cannibal Cannibal food, because they receive a premium atmosphere while experiencingnot cannibals.

Flow to open and save the game worlds from the old version has been improved; Notice window old version comes before opening them instead.

mods Deworked menuconfigdo much better selection and ordering interface.

People can eat now seem unbutchered (but do not really like).

Infections grow exponentially easier and less.

infection appear underground only deeper now.

AI now escapacon grenades thrown by his own faction.

theturtles are not as deadly.

Animals not incest.

People now do incest.

The seeds of genes world are being generated from the actual words zamiastciągów random lists.

Now you can both skills in the maximum and minimum bill.

Object Beauty now has four phases: incredibly ugly, ugly, beautiful, beautiful.

Some compelling backstories pedestrians now some properties (Model-Pi)

CARAVAN trade can bring color humpback whales.

that missiles fired by settlers hunting not capturerandom targets.

Some investors buy and sell phones now.

Gut worms and parasites muscles disappear before.

przerobioneStarożytny grave generation of looting. Plasteel is sometimes found in people POD. Thus, the ingredients.

Nuzzling now visualized, registered social interaction.

Several refactorings for modding easier and code easier to maintain and more flexible.Máis functionality is now implemented as sk ThingComps.

Many, many, many other changesswing, games and interface enhancements and fixes.

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