Spintires 60.613 Update download

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Spintires 60.613

Spintires 60.613 Update download


Spintires 60.613

Spintires is a game where your off-road trucks for the job. This is a big, heavy trucks, which are difficult to maneuver and is designed to move large loads through muddy forest areas that are difficult to access. This is a great fun game if you have enough patience to controlmechanical giants.

Truck 30 liters of fuel per minute

The purpose of this Spintires seems simple: move timber cargo from one point to another. Where is the problem? Now vulytsipovno mud, rivers, vegetation and «street», which was covered with mud. Pour into large trucks, heavy and difficulttomaneuver, and you need something to get put patience to the test.

These trucks require monitoring so close to the truck, which is true, Spintires one of the best simulator I tried temporarily. You have to drive very carefully puasauntuk get used to drive fourwheel and differential lock properly. For a long time, jyleer be as tow rope to use when you need it and you can help attach the cable tree to get out of the ditch of evil you can get stuck in.

If something is too difficult, you can always returncar and save the one that stuck in the mud (as you have done it many times). You may even end up stuck as trucks and used trucks ketigauntuk both. This is very interesting, especially when it takes over an hour dlyaotrymaty second truck.

You also need toto control the damage to the vehicle and the amount of gas you use. Some use these samples to 30 liters of fuel per minute! If you run out, you know what to do: call the fuel truck, of course.

Spintires melaluibermain five different places, all thosethe same difficulties, but very different. Although you have to turn to the map, it really is not all that useful for detaleyhra hide from the site, so you nieweet where to go. It is important to look and see what there is.

You have different types of machines as you want, you can customize as yougain experience points from extras such as trailers, cranes, more besarbeban and fuel tanks.

Driving a truck Trotter

As the truck in the game, the controls are rough and tough. You will need some time to get used to using the keyboard imysha to controlall. However Ditbeteken to accelerate, change direction of rotation, and with a tap in at the same time.

Most sulitbagian, to get used to the odd camera (you can move the mouse).

It is realistic in terms of physics

One of the areas where the astonishment of all Spintires graphics. youvery realistic truck moving, swinging, and wheezing way believe that sometimes makes you forget that you are playing game.Dieselfdehroshi video effects such as smoke and dirt movement (heavy and heavy).

yangFisika is realistic and should always be taken into account. For example, a heavy cargo truckfell in the dirt when you stop for too long. If you come from trees and branches, they behave like in real life. Overall, Spintires very realistic game.

Be prepared for the long term

Netbaie Spintires is genuine, but also very well done in teknistingkat. These ihrytak fara menu rough interface and control, but then again, so is the work truck. However, Spintires a lot of fun, but you need patience and nerves of steel.

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