BlackBerry Link 1 download

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BlackBerry Link 1

BlackBerry Link 1 download


BlackBerry Link 1

BlackBerry regard, the official BlackBerry a BlackBerry 10 device connected to your computer. It’s like the BlackBerry Desktop Software, but only for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Connect manages all content on your phone and sync photos, music, video and all kinds of files with PC, either via Wi-Fi or USB. BlackBerry connection supports Windows Media Player and iTunes, creating perfect synchronization of music.

softwareEste desktop BlackBerry 10 jugamembolehkan a copy of making security phonecontent, and install new software updates: BlackBerry relating to remind you when a new version is available.

Besides being very useful for synchronizing content, BlackBerry connection with all the contents of the old BlackBerry BlackBerry 10. New is really easy.

BlackBerry conexiónten modern design, according to the interface 10. Flow UI of the BlackBerry Web surfing much selesaterima use directories and distribution elements. to move elements of the mobile device to the computer and back,all you have to do is drag it.

BlackBerry connection is the new face of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, face more beautiful and more practical.
USB Flash Drive Data Recovery 1 But keep in mind that only work in the BlackBerry 10.
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