AnyTrans 4.6 FULL download

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AnyTrans 4.6

AnyTrans 4.6 FULL download


AnyTrans 4.6

There is nothing more frustrating that the reverse is just to transfer files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod with your PC or Mac, or is able to. AnyTrans solution is a simple, easy to transfer any type of data stored on your iOS device into your PC or Mac.

Very easy to install and transfer files

It is easy to install and loslegen.Das AnyTrans beauty nothing is installed on your iOS device customers, it is simple to your PC or geïnstalleerdMac dabere. In fact, the thingsingle, secure connection to your iPhone or iPad device is connected for the first time to confirm.

Once your iOS devices to connect to your machine AnyTrans automatically detects the type of device and gives you several options. At a glance, it shows all available media files on the device. Select the files you want to transfer from the account is not, etaklik Alternatively, you can select all import, and import all the media on your computer or iTunes libraryon import into the right benedenhoek.Als.

iCloud questions

AnyTrans Unfortunately it will not work if your device is assigned istiCloud. If you try to sync contacts or iTunes to automatically cancel ask you to continue to iCloud. This is, of course, very sad iCloud users, but no go AnyTrans badaerabili to synchronize the files, it is not a big problem. AnyTrans want to transfer files individually something that works quickly andeffectively it suits them better.

habenAnyTrans your iCloud account to connect with you, but this is something that the majority of users should be very careful. Once connected, your iCloud AnyTrans view and download all the data you want.

A good tool for families iOS file for Mac and PC

AnyTrans orokorraerabiltzailearen the whole experience is very good. The interface is clear, and looks particularly well in all major OS X options are clear, and also import and export filesThese little computer experience no problems with them. Especially in families with Mac and PC families, AnyTrans iOS devices and transfer data between computers provides a simple and stress-free.

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