Adobe Air 15 Download

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Adobe Air 15

Adobe Air 15 Download


Adobe Air 15

Adobe AIR is a runtime system, a cross-operating system, which opens up more opportunities for both developers and ordinary computer users.

Adobe AIR enables developers to create new web applications using HTML, XML, JavaScript and create Flex. What’s more, they are not limited to use with Adobe library, but can create, share and use to create their own online specyficznyaplikacji.

For Adobe AIR opens up new and exciting Rich Internet Applications(RIAs) that can claim maggmagpatakbo from your desktop. With the help of very little memory, they are usually quick to start and run and have very smooth animations.

A quick visit to Adobe ShowcaseGaleria and you have an idea of ​​the nature of the applications built for Adobe AIR: Google Analytics reporting package, a desktop Twitter client, movie discovery tool and more. Of course, applications that may not work well, Adobe AIR, but the possibilitiestalagangdepende and endless creativity of artists.

Adobe AIR to contribute to the revolution by Apppomagają designers and developers for all kinds of web applications.


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