Prezi desktop 5 download free

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Prezi desktop 5

Prezi desktop 5 download free


Prezi desktop 5

Prezi is a versatile app that allows you to make professional presentations. It is like a free, paired version of PowerPoint.

Minimal effort, maximum effect

Prezi allows you to make presentations that are as casual or professional as you want. This allows you to add information to a prezi (the software calls each presentation a prezi), organizes it logically, decorates audio and video and share it with the people you need.

youYou can choose one from Prezis many templates to start, or just use a blank page. If it’s your first presentation, choose a template — it makes it much easier to manage the information in a logical manner. Once you’ve lowered the base, you can add pictures, video, and voiceover when you need them.

Once you have a first design of your presentation, simply click on the items to edit them.
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If you click, you will allAvailable options, but you can do almost anything you see or where it is to completely remove it.

On the left side of the app you can see the way of your presentation. This is the order that the app will move through every part of your presentation, which makes it very important. If you do not pay attention, your Prezi will not feel that way.

A simple approach to a complex task

If you download Prezi, it will automatically try a Pro version. Although thisA simple trial of the entire product, it is hard to know what will go wrong when the process ends.
Basically, without any upgrade, you have enough space to save a few prezises in the Prezi cloud, you can prezisEdit and share, and all your prezis will be public. There is more information about the Prezi website.

Prezi makes making a presentation very easy. The entire app flows easily — even without looking at the intro or help, you can quite well in oneNew presentation. It is worth to enjoy the help and online resources, but also Prezi in isolation, it is very useful.

New Approach for Presentations

For Prezi was PowerPoint, and to a large extent, that was it. PowerPoint is a great piece of software, do not get us wrong, but there was definitely room for a change. Prezi feels fresh and light, but still produces pleasant presentations. It is also able to deal with rich and complexMaterial work, and it looks good. We recommend it.

What is new

More recently, Prezi has been enhanced with a favorite button added to the transformation tool to facilitate access. With a new Sidebar My Content, you can quickly access the content of your previous Prezi creations. And there are also some sync-corrections for content and templates.


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